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Tamra Ross wins the 2018 Lee d'Anjou Award from Editors Canada

Our team is getting noticed!

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Tamra Ross wins the 2018 Lee d'Anjou Award from Editors Canada

We are delighted to announce that Tamra Ross is the 2018 recipient of the Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award from Editors Canada.

Each year, Editors Canada recognizes outstanding service to the organization with the President's Awards for Volunteer Service. From among the nominations, one volunteer is selected to receive the Lee d'Anjou Award.

This award recognizes Tamra's past contributions to Editors Canada as the designer of the association's national magazine, Active Voice, and as chair of the awards committee, where she helped to establish the Karen Virag Award. It also highlights her current role managing the webinar program, which has become one of the largest sources of revenue for the not-for-profit organization.

Building on Karl Low's 2017 win of the Professional Writers Association of Canada's Editor of the Year award, our team is getting noticed!

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